safe to sell diabetic test strips online

After years in this business, we know how to take care of people.  We’ll keep you safe, provide stellar service, and offer you the best price we can.


sell diabetic test strips extras

“Every month I get extra test strips that I can never use! Then my meter changed and I had a whole bin filled with them. I figured I’d better sell them before they go bad!”

-John P., Maricopa, AZ

cash for test strips

“When my mother passed away, we were cleaning out her house and found a closet filled with diabetic supplies. I’m glad we were able to find a use for them instead of throwing them away.”

-Linda C., Hot Springs, AR

gestational diabetes sell glucose test strips

“My doctor had me testing my blood glucose levels when I was pregnant. Once I had [my son], I didn’t need them anymore.”

-Kim H., Wichita, KS


sell my diabetic test strips

“I switched to the pump and don’t test myself every day anymore.”

-Eric G., Morton, TX

A Few of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it legal?

Yes!  For some more information about the few requirements for the boxes we buy, check out our Guidelines page.

What if my name is on the box?

No problem.  We’ve committed to protecting the privacy of every one of our customers.  We use some commercial grade label removers that do a great job of removing prescription labels!  If you’re still worried, feel free to use a felt-tip marker (like a sharpie) to mark through your personal information on the box. Remember: Be careful not to damage the box or it might not be worth as much!

How much do you pay?

The price we can pay depends on the brand and the expiration date.  We can get you a fast quote if give us a call or send us a note! (see our contact information in the top-right of this page).  The important thing is: The closer the test strips are to expiration, the less we can pay. So don’t wait, call us today and we’ll buy your diabetic test strips!